Intro Video

The Easiest Way for Your Company To Create Effective Promotional Content
  • Access to Multiple GreenScreen Backgrounds
  • Can Be Filmed in Studio or via Skype
  • Interview Format or Monologue Formats
  • Backstory of the Creation of Your Company
  • Able to Include Assets such as Power Point Slides and Approved Footage
  • :15 and :30 Edits for Effective Pre-Roll Campaign
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Business Solutions

We Make Invaluable Introductions
  • Option to generate warm leads for:
  • raising capital through Angel networks, Venture Capitalists or Incubators
  • introductions to potential strategic partnerships or joint ventures
  • CrowdFunding
  • Mergers and Acquistions
  • Consulting and Business Analysis, including Valuation
  • Investor Relation Firm Introductions
  • Patent Attorney and Broker Introductions
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We also give you the ability to watch other companies and connect with them.
  • Access to all of our videos FREE
  • Leave feedback or ask questions to any videos watched
  • Reach out to CEO’s (if available)
  • Create a network of your own
  • *Super Surprise for those joining us now- Get in on the ground floor!
Let Us Connect You

We Can Help Find The Right Solution For Your Business.

Whether you want to update your shareholders or find investment for your world-changing idea, we are here to help you grow your business.

We have a directory and network of over 100,000+ investors, traders, brokers and venture capitalists. We specialize in bringing solutions to small cap companies and entrepreneurial startups in all fields. 

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A lot of companies can make professional videos highlighting companies' needs.

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But none have the access to distribute like us.

As you know updating your audience on how the company is performing creates a buzz. For public companies this increases stock value and for private companies it gives shareholders or potential investors confidence.

Why Create A Video?

We make it easy for you to reach a large number of people, no wait, the RIGHT people to help your business goals. We don’t just create a video…we give you access to the top professionals that will move your company forward.

Why are Videos More Effective?

Videos allow a user to have much more fun, engaging experience. Who wants to read a boring press release when you can actually see someone explain their company- in their own words- efficiently?

Why create a Marketing Campaign?

In today’s modern world it is imperative to create a splash if you want to get noticed. We use a combination of targeted, optimized marketing techniques to get the video you create to the most people possible. Our goal isn’t just about impressions, but about conversions and more importantly introductions to warm leads. 

Why watch these videos?

People genuinely want to know who is behind the company and there is a definite inherent trust when you associate a company with a trustworthy CEO. The reason CEOs are so important is that they are the leaders of the company and know more about it than anyone else.

Let's Grow Together.

Extremely. We make the experience catered to you. As we grow as a company, we see this as a community that builds with you as well. Your success is important to our success. We will go above and beyond to ensure we create an effective outreach for you.

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We can absolutely help you make a video, figure out which crowd funding site is best for you and help manage your campaign. Whether you’re kickstarting, start upping it or indie go-going we can help!

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