In case you didn’t know – most of web bandwidth is used to deliver video – it is no longer appropriate not to have video as part of an investor relations effort. As a matter of fact, Google’s algorithm actually gives preference to websites that have video – so better to get involved rather than get left behind.

There is often hesitancy about making a corporate video – a little bit of stage fright I guess. I get it – I had to get over it myself for the videos I have made. I just wanted to share with you a few ways we make it easy to make something compelling, captivating, and informative – even if you don’t long to be in front of the camera:


Step 1

No Pressure 

You don’t have to memorize lines, really…

Most of the time we make a video for a client – we draft a script that we think captures the aspects of a company that an investor would think important.We can then take our script and put it on a teleprompter – so you just have to read the lines and look natural. Easy as pie.




Step 2 

Be Enthusiastic                                     
Only a fraction of the energy you think you are projecting to the camera actually makes it through the internet to your intended audience – the more the better – Investors want their CEO’s to be passionate about the Company they are operating.





Step 3 

Making Mistakes is Normal 
With the beauty of editing we can smooth over all the rough spots in your presentation and create something professional – we generally shoot for 1 hour to make a 5 minute video – this allows us to utilize only the best shots and compile an enthralling video.




Step 4 

Don’t Break the Bank                                     
We charge $2000 to script, shoot and edit a polished professional video from our Studio – we aren’t an advertising agency trying to maximize revenue on production.







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