Growth Circle is an investor relations company that helps companies get their message to a large audience. We focus on creating creative content that is CEO focused. We know that the CEO is the main determinant of whether a company is successful so we believe that building a relationship between a CEO and the investing public is important.


Most of our videos are high res-high quality documentary shorts that cover a CEO and the business they operate – but we think there is room to develop more products that will find a vibrant audience.



What opportunity to we see:

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine…

Business video is severely under-represented on YouTube and what is on there is pretty lame –

Most people would say that there isn’t business video on YouTube because it doesn’t belong

We don’t agree – we think there is a large opportunity to create character driven business content in a Vlog format that can be entertaining and business oriented


The Concept

Join our team on their quest to capture the energy of “Startup California” in their “road-trip”/“travelogue” as they visit and document entrepreneurs that are unleashing new technologies into the market.



California is sizzling – or rather scorching – as a hub of the entertainment/media world as well as development centers for new companies there is a lot to see and learn.


Los Angeles – Beach Cities are a new hotbed of Venture Capital and Crowdfunding


Orange County is a hub of the rapidly growing cannabis industry – the Gold Rush of 1849 is now the Green Rush of 2017.


Silicon Valley – the Center of the universe when it comes to tech!


There is a lot going on.


The Show will be a VLOG that will capture the spirit of entrepreneurship and the energy permeating California’s startup culture.


We are recruiting a team of talented individuals that will document this phenomenon – a nimble crew to create content that will reach a mass audience. The market is looking for and is ready for this content – Shows like Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and Silicon Valley prove it. But we are going to profile real businesses that are in actual operation.


First of all, the VLOG should be fun! Startups in themselves take on the personalities of those running them and all the adventures that go with building something new (funny, anxious, exhilarating, etc) – our videos are corporate but the show about making the videos should be like an episodic road trip show. Our characters should be friends or frenemies thrown together for a mission of telling stories – with the backdrop of sunny California.


The team will have access to a vehicle – the vehicle will be equipped with the gear required for a shoot. And of course the gear to shoot the Vlog. If you have your own gear to bring to the mix – even better.


The Content: is actively producing and distributing short corporate films that are shot and edited to captivate prospective participants in the small/new economy. We want to increase our content production and output by creating a team(s) that will travel up and down California shooting founders / CEOs / and Companies that are in this amazing mix.


Please look at the videos on to see what we have done in the past –


We want to begin creating Vlogs that help document this radical change in business – something that communicates the California lifestyle and documents the startup world in California as it exists today


The Driver:

Growth Circle is successfully creating content for its client base. We want to increase our levels of production and add another dimension to our content. If our current product is a simple “documentary” style profile of a Company.


We now want to create a complimentary backstory piece to pair with the traditional piece. Consider it a “making of” or “behind the scenes” – We intend to have a character driven episodic show that keeps bringing our members back – and has them opt into a free-subscription.


Look and feel:

The show should be shot and presented in VLOG fashion – at least 3 of the team members are also characters, with their own story of how they ended up in Los Angeles – ideally working on this show gets them closer to their dreams (their own startup, media, acting, fame and fortune). They should have different skill sets (McGyver, or the professor from Gilligan’s Island) and we should be exposed to their hobbies and passions as the show develops – we are building real characters (think A-Team or Scooby Doo) for the benefit of our audience.


The Plot

Each episode will revolve around the challenges of making quality content under severe time and budget constraints. The assignment will either come from management or from within the Team – where they unearth a cool company that needs a video to help them get their story out there.


The show will consist of the effort it takes to make the video – unfortunate things that happen on the way (like a flat tire). We will see into the work settings of these startups – the garages, seedy storefronts, living rooms, fancy offices.

The producer/host will usually have a monologue telling the others about why a company is cool or interesting or how its technology works. We also want to personalize the CEOs of our subject videos – show them in their office, learn what they are passionate about, etc.


There should be vignettes that cover the drama that inevitably develops in a project/team environment. Characters are developed as we are brought into their lives – we are constantly painting a mural of the California lifestyle. Ideal candidates are living an active California way – scenes shot on the beach, surfing, skating, biking, yoga, hiking will help take our viewers into the lifestyle (think Baywatch or TMZ).


We will also profile the incubators, the think tanks, the shared workspaces up and down California so people can understand startup life (Office Space).


Episode 1(Pilot):

The first episode will introduce the characters of the team and their skillset. GrowthCircle will provide a CEO and a Company that will be profiled.

Each episode will have a complimentary GrowthCircle video that gets produced. See Growth Circle for a sample of those videos.


Episode 2 (San Diego)

The team heads on the road to San Diego to visit a new Biotech Company.


Episode 3 (Orange County)

The team heads to Orange County to visit with a company focusing on Cannabis Data Technology.


Variations on the theme:

Over time we would plan on adding additional teams to the mix to create competition between the teams – allowing subscribers to vote for their favorite episodes, or companies they would most like to invest in.



The Show will be interactive, whereby, subscribers can invest in the targeted companies through our alliances with crowdfunding or kickstarting platforms.


Social Media:

Team members will be able to grow their social media following through the program– Twitter Pinterest FB LinkedIn can all be used to devlop the brands of you the character/actor/editor/cameraman. They are crew, actors, and soon to be celebrities.


The Challenge:


Team members will be part of the content themselves – creating their own travelogue that will show the more dynamic side of the California Start-up scene. Informal episodes that will help the audience be part of the growth and excitement of this scene. These segments will show the lighter side of corporate America – also hopefully some funny outtakes of the experiences that they have in creating content for a targeted audience of entrepreneurs worldwide.


The show should be a natural fit for viewers who are already big fans of, the television series Shark Tank – we call them “wantrepreneurs”




Who are the characters and who is the team?


Everyone in Los Angeles has two jobs, if not three. Los Angeles is a city of dreams – everyone has a day job, and a dream. There are of course the actor/bartender, actress/waitress, but now we have Uber drivers/app builder, you name it.


We are seeking characters that can make content and be characters in the show at the same time. The Content needs to be shot by the team, it isn’t imperative that the team include the ability to edit their content – but it is a benefit if that skill is present.


  1. Producer/Host

The producer will be the glue of the team – interacting with the CEOs as necessary to arrange the shoot and schedule.


  1. DP – The DP would work with the team to get the shots necessary to create a cohesive product. He/She may not have the polish of the Producer/Host but might be funnier/quirkier (He is an artist and a bit of a perfectionist).


  1. Editor – The creation/editing of the show can be part of the episodic series or it can happen remotely – depending on availability of the cast. The Editor will be the magician – able to take low budget footage and turn it into a masterpiece using tricks of the trade and some stock footage. (We can supply this capability as needed)


  1. Sound/Grip – handling logistics and audio – he is the fixer when problems arise (Mr. Wolf)


  1. Stylist – Each CEO needs a stylist to look their best – the stylist may not have the flash and pizzaz of the host but is still a favorite (think MaryAnn vs. Ginger)




What is the Deal – the perfect candidates have technical experience in shooting and creating content. Or just want more time in front of the Camera to develop their on camera persona –


What is in it for you? You get to develop your own brand – we will help you develop your personal social media following – and you can help us build ours.


Applicants should be outgoing – ideal candidates need to be comfortable in front of a camera as well as behind the camera. We recommend applying as a team if you can – if you want to be the main character and your best friend is a cinematographer and you want to work together – apply as a team – chemistry is important.

Growth Circle will cover expenses –

The team will receive compensation – which is currently TBD – including revenue share, prize money, commission, and equity in or a combination of all 4. The videos you create will also be promoted – which could be very valuable for you – we will allow you to brand and tag your videos in the description. This should drive instagram etc. Many of our videos have exceeded 10,000 views and with this kind of project – we would like to generate 100k viewers per video.



We will distribute the episodes created across the internet – creating a fan base. While at the same time actively pitching the show to networks that would be attracted to the content.


The Sponsor, is creating the show and will package the show and market it into Networks for Television distribution.


How do to Apply:

You can apply for individual roles or put your own team together! Applicants should have sources of income away from this project until it takes hold but should also have some flexibility in how they are earning their living so that they can have time to participate. Do not apply if you have a fulltime job and work between 9-5. CEOs generally want to make videos during business hours, we need to accommodate their schedule.

Send inquiries to –, please send a short note outlining what skills you can bring to the table – what interest or experience you specifically have in business. And head shot/social media links.


Where does this go:


Ultimately – this Vlog could become a reality show – there is no reason it can’t – the content is compelling – and the characters will be interesting and will have a built in following from the vlog…