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Market Overview

Happy Holidays – Our Gift to You!

In the Spirit of the Holidays, we are offering to do a complementary short 2-5 minute story video about your Company and CEO– please contact us regarding setting up an interview. We will distribute the content, video and article, over the internet as well as to our...

Revolution in Investor Relations

The small cap market has focused on Institutional Ownership of Micro Cap companies for a long time. Unfortunately, most of these companies aren’t ready for “prime time” as institutional holdings – they don’t have the shareholder base, they don’t have any liquidity. We...

Insight into What Makes a Compelling Investor Video

In case you didn’t know – most of web bandwidth is used to deliver video – it is no longer appropriate not to have video as part of an investor relations effort. As a matter of fact, Google’s algorithm actually gives preference to websites that have video – so better...